Visiting the gym for the first time

Any person who comes to the gym for the first time has a lot of questions about how to work out in the gym, how to start, how to draw up a training program correctly, what exercises to do, whether to warm up or not and where to start training in the gym, etc. A […]

Variations of the French press: Building the triceps

The best exercise for developing the triceps, is the French seated press. It removes flabbiness of the arms, improves their flexibility and reduces the amount of fat. Muscle condition is stabilized by flexion and extension in the elbow joint. In addition, the joints, shoulder muscles and girdle are strengthened. Seated press types Exercises to strengthen […]

Variations of the bent over row back exercise

The bent over row is a basic back exercise for the development of muscle strength, which is suitable even for beginners. It improves posture and develops the muscles of the back and shoulders. There are several variants of this exercise with a barbell, dumbbells, harnesses and or using simulators. The working muscles Pulling a barbell […]

How to remove the belly?

The question of what exercises should be done to remove the belly is asked by many women and men. However, training alone may not be enough. The problem of a flat abdomen must be approached in a comprehensive manner, having found out in advance why fat is deposited in the waist area in the first […]

How to build the traps: Exercises for the trapezius muscles

The trapezius is one of the largest muscles. It bears the main load during weight-lifting. The trapezius is located in the upper back covering the back neck part. Its volume demonstrates the intensity of weightlifting exercises. Efficient building of the trapezius muscles allows enlarging the neck significantly. If you don’t build the pectoral girdle muscles, […]

ABS workout

Home abs workouts with supersets

Do this six superset workout just once a week to get flat, firm and well-defined abdominal muscles. Doing hundreds of sit-ups a day won’t help you build tight, contoured abdominal muscles and anyone who doesn’t know it is wasting their precious workout time. You will train phenomenally strong hip flexors, but not tight elastic abdominals. […]

flax seed and oil

Flaxseed oil in bodybuilding

How many have heard of the existence of flaxseed oil? Bodybuilders for example, use it almost constantly, but everyone else is usually limited to sunflower or olive oil. Of course, these oils also work quite well, bringing the body the vitamins it needs, but it is flaxseed oil that is most effective both for daily […]

Hamstring curls: Bending the legs while lying down on the trainer

Bending the legs lying down in the trainer also known as “Hamstring curls” will help to tighten and harden the leg muscles. There is a leg trainer in most gyms, and not only men, but also women like to work with it, which makes their legs become even more attractive and defined. The exercise is […]

delayed muscle

Delayed muscle pain

Here we are going to discuss the dreaded DOMs “Delayed Onset of Muscle pain” and how we can overcome this thorn in the side for many athletes and gym users. So you have completed a great strength training session and drank some protein. You felt that the muscles were “hammered” within your training and are […]

isolation exercise

Basic and isolation exercises

Many people have probably heard such names of exercises as “basic” and “isolating” but at the same time they have no idea what is hidden behind these terms. It often seems to novice athletes that these words are complex terminology used in the field of bodybuilding, but in fact there is nothing complicated in these […]

The Arnold Press – Deltoid Exercise

The Arnold press, also known as “The Arny Press” is an effective exercise designed to work out the deltoid muscles. The exercise is simple: you only need dumbbells to achieve the effect and of course, a serious attitude. This exercise bas become of the most popular around the world and its benefits and effects are […]

Steroids for sale in Los Angeles

Steroids for sale in Los Angeles

The demand for anabolic steroids is growing rapidly in USA and worldwide. Most athletes have a steroid seller from which they regularly purchase their steroids. That might be a dealer they found down the gym, a seller they found online or their next door neighbor. But, always be careful where you buy them from, there […]

Steroid cycles for women and how to keep a womanly figure when doing so

In this article we are going to explain to women why they don’t have to be worried about turning into a man when choosing to take steroids.  I have seen women in the gym working their asses off, training 5 days a week and staying exactly the same.  With a little tweak of their diet […]

Boosting Immunity with Anabolic Steroids: The fight against viruses & infections

Anabolic steroids are highly beneficial to athletes and bodybuilders that want to build muscle, but how many people know that steroids have been used for years to treat certain medical conditions. An anabolic steroid is a substance that has a similar action to that of the male hormone testosterone. These types of drugs help underweight […]

Keeping Antibiotics on Hand

What exactly are antibiotics?  They are medicines that help stop infections caused by bacteria. They do this by killing the bacteria or by keeping them from copying themselves or reproducing.  The word antibiotic means “against life.” Any drug that kills germs in your body is technically an antibiotic. But most people use the term when […]

20-Minute Muscle Attack

Fitness at home while quarantine pt. 4: 20-Minute Muscle Attack

Today we are posting chapter 4 from our “Fitness and social distancing” series (part 1, part 2, part 3 are here). We hope you will stay active and this will boost your immune system and this period will pass you by without any damage. Our 20-minute workout can be done anywhere in your house.  From […]

90-Minute Full Body Blaster

Fitness and virus pt. 3: 90-Minute Full Body Blaster

Today we are posting chapter 3 from our “Fitness and social distancing” series (part 1 and part 2 are here). We hope you will stay active and this will boost your immune system and this period will pass you by without any damage. This is for those fitness enthusiasts who can’t get enough exercise!  A […]

One Hour Workout - Circuit Style

Fitness and social distancing pt. 2: One Hour Workout – Circuit Style

Today we are posting chapter 2 from our “Fitness and social distancing” series (part 1 is here). We hope you will stay active and this will boost your immune system and this period will pass you by without any damage. This workout is for individuals that are more accustomed to exercising for about an hour […]

Fitness at Home while social distancing

Fitness at Home while social distancing pt. 1: high-energy workout routine

We are going to post some advices how you can continue staying in great shape while Covid virus is going on and lots of gyms are closed for quarantine. Keep it moving with this high-energy routine: 30        Jumping Jacks 5          Push Ups 25        High Knees 7          Burpees 10        Crunches 7          Squats 5          Push […]

No Gym, No Problem: Instructional Guide to Home Workouts when/if a Crisis Occurs

Have you ever driven by a gym in your area and noticed the parking lot was jammed with cars, trucks and SUVs?  Depending on the size of the area where you reside, there are anywhere from one to as many as five gyms within a few mile radius.  Franchise gyms and locally owned gyms seem […]

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