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FAQ’s from customers concerning Liothyronine Sodium (T3)

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After doing some research I decided to add T3 to my cycle. I’m on a dose of 100mcg per day
and noticed that my appetite is huge. Is this normal? I thought that adding T3 to a steroid cycle
was supposed to curb my appetite and make me lose weight, not eat like a tank. Help!

Generally, if you are experiencing an increase in your appetite while taking T3, chances are the
dose is increasing your thyroid level significantly. We recommend cutting your dose in half and
only taking 50mcg per day while on a calorie restricted diet. T3 works by improving the body’s
ability to process nutrients, so when taking the dose that works for you, there will be a decrease
in hunger.


Thinking about ordering some T3 from your site. Can you let me know what the side effects

Yes, we will list the side effects of T3 for you below. Please note that you may or may not
experience these effects because tolerance is based on each individual.
– Tension/anxiety
– Excessive sweating
– Insomnia
– Weight loss
– Headaches
– Exhaustion
– Loss of libido
– Increase in body temperature


What is the difference between T3 and T4? Which one is better to use for a cutting cycle?

T3 is the replica of the naturally produced thyroid hormone, triiodothyronine. Cytomel, or T3, is
not the only synthetic hormone available. T4 is also available and found under the trade name
Synthroid. Both T3 and T4 are very similar, but T3 is considered 4-5 times more powerful. T4
acts as a reserve for T3, which ultimately makes T3 stronger. As a result, T3 is the preferred
thyroid hormone among athletes and those in the fitness industry.


In the middle of my T3, Clenbuterol cycle and want to know whether I need to taper off of the
T3 or if it’s okay to end it abruptly?

If you do a search for the correct way to end your T3 cycle, you will see a million different
opinions. There is no evidence to suggest that you need to taper down from your T3 cycle.
Tapering down has been suggested if you plan on running higher doses of T3 but again, it’s not
required as T3 will be tolerated differently by each person. So if you plan on taking higher doses
(75-100mcg) you can try dropping down to a maintenance dose (25mcg) for a short period of
time (7-10 days) in order to allow your thyroid to reset.


My doctor said I may have a thyroid disorder and ordered me to have a T-3 test to check. What
are the symptoms one may have with such a problem?

Thyroid disorders can have a wide range of symptoms. We would need some more information
from you to really help pinpoint the problem. Thyroid disorders include hyperthyroidism, this is
when your thyroid produces too much thyroid hormone. Hypopituitarism is another issue that
occurs when the pituitary gland doesn’t produce normal amounts of hormones. Also, if your
thyroid produces high levels of hormones causing one to have muscle weakness, this is called
thyrotoxic periodic paralysis. Below we will list symptoms for you to review of thyroid
– Weakness and fatigue
– Increased heart rate
– Hair loss
– Weight loss or weight gain
– Difficulty sleeping
– Dry skin / bloat
– Dry, irritated, puffy eyes
– Hand tremors
– Sensitivity to heat or cold
– Anxiety
– Constipation


Can you tell me why T3 is so popular and liked by bodybuilders? I know it’s not a steroid, but I
see that a lot of advanced fitness athletes are using this drug. Thanks.

The bodybuilding industry and athletic world are attracted to the use of T3 as a physique and/or
performance enhancing drug because of its capability to boost the body’s metabolism in the

effort to metabolize body fat a greater rate. T3 is used during cutting, dieting, and/or pre-contest
phases of training due to the goal of these phases to break down fat. T3 increases the
metabolism of fats, carbs and proteins equally.


Looking for some answers regarding a cycle of T3. I’ve been working out now for a few months
but feel like I’ve hit a plateau with regards to fat loss. I could afford to lose at least 20 more
pounds to be in my desired weight range. In addition to cardio I also do some strength training
while at the gym and have actually seen some good results with an increase in muscle mass. I’m
worried that if I start using T3 to lose weight I will also lose some muscle. Can you tell me if
this is true?

When you use T3, you are creating the effect of an overactive thyroid which will cause an
increase in your serum levels, metabolism and body temperature. Because T3 reaches almost
every cell and tissue in your body, that essentially means it’s affecting everything. So if there’s a
lot of energy for burning, it will use both fat and muscle. To answer your question, you may lose
some muscle when taking T3, depending on your dosages. We recommend not taking T3 alone.
It is common to stack T3 with anabolic steroids to save the muscle you have gained.
Testosterone and other steroids when taken at the right dose will stimulate the muscle and speed
up your recovery time when working out.


I am going to purchase several products from your site, one of them being T3. After doing some
research online, it seems that there is a liquid T3. Do you sell this in your store? Is it even legit?

Thank you for reaching out. T3 is sold in liquid form but we only sell it in pill form by a few
different manufacturers. All of the products listed in our online store are of the highest quality.


I recently had surgery getting my thyroid removed due to thyroid cancer. My doctor has put me
on Cytomel (t3) but has said nothing to me about t4. Do I need to be on that also? Should I
mention this to him?

Hi. What your doctor put you on Cytomel (T-3) is the active form of thyroid hormone. T-3
hormone, your body uses it directly and it doesn’t have to be converted to anything. You may
mention it to him if you like but T-4 is not necessary in your case. T-4 is the inactive form of
thyroid hormone, which your body then converts to the active form of T-3.


What’s going on guys? Do you think that T3 can really make or break a cutting cycle, if doing
so before a contest?

Hello. Supplementing T-3 carries risks if you don’t know what you’re doing. Doing this can
send you into hyperthyroidism so much care is needed. And to be blunt here the answer is NO!
T-3 isn’t going to make or break you even when preparing for a contest. Diet and training will

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