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Flaxseed oil in bodybuilding

How many have heard of the existence of flaxseed oil? Bodybuilders for example, use it almost constantly, but everyone else is usually limited to sunflower or olive oil. Of course, these oils also work quite well, bringing the body the vitamins it needs, but it is flaxseed oil that is most effective both for daily use in the framework of maintaining immunity and for the process of increase muscle mass.

Flaxseed oil is currently the leader among other edible vegetable oils in terms of the percentage of omega-3, 6 and 9, the so-called. polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), and these elements are absolutely essential for athletes and bodybuilders. PUFAs are an important component proper nutrition while gaining muscle mass. However, for everyone else, these acids in the body also do not interfere, but most prefer to simply ignore the need for them (usually out of ignorance of how useful they are).


About linseed oil

It is produced industrially from flax seeds in a temperate climatic zone. Previously, flaxseed oil was produced in the Mediterranean, India and China. it was there that flax was most often found. Now it is grown wherever there is a suitable climate, so there is no shortage of this ingredient.

Flaxseed oil contains so many omega-3s that it bypasses almost 1.5 times fish fat. The oil can usually be found in liquid form in pharmacies or supermarkets, but it can also be found in capsule form. There are also flaxseed oil varieties with added herbs, vitamins and minerals (such as selenium).

What are the beneficial elements in flaxseed oil?

  • Almost half of all the fats in flaxseed are omega-3s, also known as alpha-linolenic fatty acid. It is considered indispensable for the human body, because what this provides cannot develop it on its own.
  • Omega-6 is also an essential acid for the body, which is especially well absorbed in combination with omega-3. The recommended ratio of these acids is 4: 1 (4 parts omega-3). Few know this ratio and consume too much omega-6.
  • Omega-9, a monounsaturated acid that lowers so-called “bad” cholesterol in the blood while increasing “good” cholesterol. Maintaining proper levels of omega-9 in the body helps it cope with the buildup of cholesterol plaque in the arteries.
  • Flax seeds also contain very useful fibers, some of which are safely dissolved in the process of digestion, and the other part is retained by the body. The soluble ones help delay the emptying process, so you feel full for longer. Insoluble ones remain in the digestive tract without leaving the body along with processed food, these fibers contribute to the normalization of the processes of cleansing the stomach (have a laxative effect).

Benefits of flaxseed oil

We have already listed enough useful properties of flaxseed oil, but this is not a complete list.

Let’s take a look at a few more benefits:

  • The high fatty acid content prevents the buildup of cholesterol in the arteries and also lowers the total amount in the body. This also lowers blood pressure, which can be beneficial for those who have high blood pressure;
  • Excellently helps with inflammatory processes in the body;
  • lowering glucose levels (especially useful in type 2 diabetes);
  • Omega acids have a positive effect on brain development, preventing dementia and memory loss;
  • PUFA strengthen the immune system, prevent dandruff. In addition, omega-3-6-9 nourish the skin, preventing dryness;
  • Linseed oil also contains a number of key vitamins (groups B, C and E) and various minerals (for example, phosphorus, iron, calcium and zinc).


Benefits of flaxseed oil for bodybuilders

Everyone who is engaged in bodybuilding works on their body and wants to see it healthy, strong and pumped up and for this, you need to constantly gain muscle mass and get rid of unwanted body fat. And, despite the fact that the issue of diet is extremely important for all bodybuilders, many still do not get enough omega-3 and other PUFAs in sufficient quantities, which ultimately prevents them from achieving better results, usually in their heads.

How does linseed oil stand out among other vegetable oils in terms of bodybuilding?

  • Linseed oil promotes weight loss, which is important for bodybuilders;
  • The content of a large amount of vitamins in the oil increases endurance and energy;
  • Reduces the time it takes for muscles to recovery after exercise and also accelerates the healing process of sprains;
  • Increases the metabolism speed and the absorption of calcium by the body.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the listed (and not mentioned) benefits:

Since omega-3 is an acid that promotes fat burning and also does not give a noticeable increase in calories, consuming foods containing PUFAs is beneficial for bodybuilders, especially when it comes time to dry out the muscles.

Any gym workout is aimed in fact, at damage to muscle fibers, as this is how their volume and strength increases. Therefore, after hard training muscle’s ache and weaken. But if you take control of inflammation (help eliminate them), then you can exercise more often and more productively and also avoid long periods of recovery. In this case, flaxseed oil helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, creating direct channels for the supply of oxygen and most of the substances necessary for regeneration. Simply put, it has anti-inflammatory effects.


So is it true that flaxseed oil speeds up the muscle building process?

As a rule, everyone who seriously decided to take care of their body, first of all, pay attention to proteins as a source of muscle mass. This is true, but Canadian researchers believe that a diet that includes foods high in omega-3 and other PUFAs will help improve performance under the same stress.

Note: Nutrition is, of course, very important but besides this, it is necessary to engage in a well-designed program so as not to overstrain any muscle groups, otherwise no vitamins will help to avoid long-term recovery.

Back to the Canadians, a 2007 animal study showed that adding omega-3-rich foods (in this case fish oil) to the diet allows the body to convert 2 times more of the various amino acids needed for protein synthesis. The omega-3 is incorporated into muscle cells, increasing protein metabolism and restoring sensitivity to insulin. As a result, the body processes food much more efficiently, using the received energy to regenerate and create new tissues.

Tip: To help the body within its efficiency of digesting and use the right foods and ingredients correctly, many athletes use Anavar or Dianabol to increase the protein synthesis and for more heightened results, many users adopt the use of Growth Hormone “HGH” for this enhanced process, along with this substance providing many great other benefits for the efficiency of the body systems functioning. You can find these substances within our online catalog.


How and when to use flaxseed oil correctly

It is believed that one of the best ways to get enough PUFA is to eat three or more servings of different types of fish every week. For example, the following types are suitable: herring, salmon, sardine, anchovies and pink salmon.

If you want to use old and proven fish oil, then it is important to know that 1 gram of flaxseed oil contains as much PUFA as there is in 7 grams of fish oil. To keep yourself in good shape, 1-2 tablespoons of oil per day are enough. Those who are actively exercising should increase the dosage, at least up to 2-3 tablespoons.

Some information on how to take flaxseed oil. There are 130 calories in 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil. If you have oil in liquid form (and not in capsules), then add it to vegetables or green salad (if you can easily tolerate its taste). It is better to take oil in the first half of the day, in the first or third meal (if there are 6 of them, for example).

Important! The use of flaxseed oil does not imply a substitute for fish. Fish is a must in the diet!

It is also worth noting that the highest quality linseed oil can be found in pharmacies, in dark bottles (it is advisable not to take in transparent or light bottles, as this will shorten the shelf life). When buying, be sure to check the expiration date and also find the inscription “cold pressed” on the packaging.

It is advisable to store linseed oil in a dark, cool place, such as a refrigerator is fine (just not in the freezer).

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