Aldactone (Spironolactone)

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Effects of taking

Against the background of the reception of steroids, the following changes are noted:

  • the active substance quickly accumulates in the bloodstream;
  • intermediate and final decomposition products are slowly excreted into the external environment.


Applying this supplement (diuretic) for sports purposes in the recommended dosage of 100 mg for 3-5 days before the upcoming competition. Women can use the drug as antiandrogenic in the amount of 25-75 mg for 7-14 days. When combined with other diuretic doses of both, steroids must be reduced by 2 times.

Side effects

The main side effects include:

  • breast enlargement;
  • muscle spasms;
  • disorders of stool, often diarrhea;
  • sleep disorders in the form of increased sleepiness;
  • headaches;
  • irritation of the skin;
  • skin rashes;
  • disturbance of consciousness, up to confusion;
  • lack of erection;
  • lack of coordination of movements;
  • violation of the cyclical nature of menstruation;
  • virilization in women.

In addition, the drug has a number of antiandrogenic properties.

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