Drostanolone Propionate (Masteron)

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Effects of taking

Against the background of the use of this steroid, the following reactions are noted:

  • increase of power characteristics;
  • increased torso definition;
  • increased muscle hardness;
  • reduction of body fat (up to 7% on average);
  • slight diuretic effect;
  • suppression of catabolism (active decay).


The recommended dose is 400 mg and is designed for 7 days. It is necessary to enter means in an injection form 1 time at 72 hours. This is directly related to taking a steroid drug without combining with other steroids. When combined, there are certain rules for taking each agent.

Side effects

Side effects when using a steroid drug occur with systematic non-compliance with dosages (exceeding the recommended doses) and the duration of therapeutic cycles. The most common undesirable effects include:

  • partial or complete alopecia;
  • tendency to aggression;
  • acne on the face and throughout the body, excluding limbs, buttocks and perineal area.

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Masteron is an anabolic steroid, all the more explicitly a dihydrotestosterone, and was initially used to treat postmenopausal ladies for cutting edge bosom malignant growth. This is on the grounds that the drug has a solid enemy of estrogenic effect and when joined with Nolvadex, has been exhibited as having a more noteworthy achievement rate than chemotherapy in ladies who have an inoperable bosom malignant growth.

The bodybuilding network found the advantages of this drug as well, with potential uses including solidifying, cutting and as an aromatase inhibitor.

Dosing Information for Drostanolone Propionate

Masteron is accessible with two unique esters: enanthate and propionate. The previous is a longer-acting ester while the last is a short-acting ester.
Since enanthate is an any longer enduring ester, it shouldn’t be taken so oftentimes, only a single time or two times seven days. Propionate must be controlled significantly more as often as possible, being infused either consistently or each other day.

400mg is ordinary for Masteron propionate measurement albeit higher doses can be taken, ordinarily not more than 600mg. Notwithstanding, the accord of master assessment is that at doses higher than 400mg there’s no preferred position and essentially includes cost.

In the event that the rarer enanthate adaptation is taken, the bigger ester compound implies that the measurements should be balanced upwards. For the most part, an extra 100mg is reasonable, making a sum of 500mg every week.
The propionate form has a half-life of three to four days and can be identified inside the body during testing for as long as three weeks.