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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a natural hormone of the human body produced in the placenta during pregnancy. In its action, it is similar to the luteinizing hormone, which is a precursor of testosterone. Today it is actively used in bodybuilding and medicine. Chorionic gonadotropin, like luteinizing hormone, promotes increased testosterone production. It is produced in an artificial form for medical purposes and is commonly called “Gonad”. Regular use of the drug leads to the following effects: improves the quality of sperm by stimulating spermatogenesis; promotes increased secretion of sex hormones; makes secondary sexual characteristics more pronounced; accelerates the maturation of eggs.

Use of this hormone in cases where the natural production of Gonadotropin in the body is disrupted, is necessary. Quite often this happens when athletes inject testosterone and its analogues intramuscularly, which inevitably leads to a decrease in the testicles and a decrease in their basic functions.

Use in bodybuilding

Chorionic Gonadotropin is actively used by athletes taking testosterone. The main purpose of the intake is the prevention of testicular atrophy. Gonadotropin is often used together with other drugs of post-course therapy (Clomid, Anastrozole).

In fact, it has long been proven that injections of Gonadotropin to gain muscle mass are not effective, and there are more side effects than the benefits. Therefore, it is best to use them only as a means to prevent testicular reduction. To obtain an anabolic effect, a much smaller dose will be required, which will be especially significant and safe for men and their health. HCG contributes to pronounced masculinization, so it is not recommended for women.

With proper use, Gonadotropin eliminates the side effects of some anabolic steroids and helps to maintain muscle mass during the drying process. Therefore, on a course of steroids, it will be simply irreplaceable with Gonadotropins. It helps to prevent the loss of functionality of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, thus improving the functioning of the entire reproductive system.

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