Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

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Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human growth hormone, also known as Somatropin, is a hormone with anabolic effects, i.e. promotes muscle growth. This is a natural substance that is produced inside the human body to stimulate physical growth. It is HGH that is responsible for the growth of children and adolescents.

Athletes take it to improve muscle mass and performance.

In our body, the level of growth hormone decreases with age. After 30 years, it decreases by 25% every ten years, reaching 25% of the original amount by age 60. In some opinions, if the amount of growth hormone does not change, then the average life expectancy would be 140 years, growth would be higher, and muscle mass would be more.

Effects in Bodybuilding

The benefits of growth hormone are numerous. Despite the fact that it was discovered in the 1920s, even today studies periodically appear to speak of new possibilities for its use. The most important features in bodybuilding are:

Stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

Growth hormone plays an extremely important role in building muscle mass: it counteracts the action of insulin (which prevents fat burning) and promotes muscle anabolism and the acquisition of “dry” muscle definition. It is involved in the processes of restoration and repair of muscle tissue. This is how muscle mass grows.

Body Fat Metabolism (Fat Burning).

Growth hormone stimulates the use of fat as energy. Recent studies in overweight people have unequivocally confirmed this fact. There are also known facts of the use of growth hormone by people on a diet who are trying to lose weight when a decrease in fat level was accompanied by an increase in muscle mass (in the absence of physical activity!).

Enhances carbohydrate and protein metabolism.

Growth hormone can do this both in a hungry and full state. In a hungry state, the natural production of growth hormone for the oxidation of fats is increased to provide energy to protect against catabolism (a state of destruction of muscle cells, to use them as an energy source).

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