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Effects of taking

Consumption of Proviron may be accompanied by the following reactions from organs and systems:

  • increased attraction to the opposite sex;
  • improving erectile function;
  • increased muscle definition and density;
  • the acceleration of spermatogenesis and the improvement of sperm quality;
  • anabolic effects.

This drug adjuvant therapy can be used even by women, but in smaller doses.


Proviron is used as an aid from the 8th day of the cycle at a dose of 50 mg together with aromatase blockers. After 14-21 days at the end of the cycle, tamoxifen is added in an amount of 20 mg once a day.

Side effects

While taking Proviron, the following side effects may occur:

  • partial or complete alopecia;
  • increase in size of the prostate gland.

Similar manifestations occur due to the similarity of the drug with dihydrotestosterone. During the cycle, you must regularly monitor the status of the prostate. It is worth paying attention to the liver, as tumors of a malignant and benign nature are still registered.

When overdosing means cannot be excluded:

  • internal bleeding;
  • hepatomegaly;
  • abdominal syndrome.

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