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Testosterone in the form of a gel for external use is a glucocorticosteroid agent used as an adjunct to the main hormonal cycle of athletes.

Effects of Use

Compliance with the rules of using the tool allows you to achieve the following results:

  • achieve a stable concentration of androgen in the body, which is not possible when using other forms of steroids;
  • the stationary position of testosterone is reached already on the first day after application and remains in this position until the very end of the course;
  • local application allows you to easily change the dosage of the drug.

Applying testosterone gel is recommended for all muscles that the athlete wants to strengthen and make more defined: arms, chest, press, inner thighs.


For beginner athletes, the recommended daily dose is 5 grams, which corresponds to the introduction of 5 milligrams of testosterone. Over time, the dosage can be increased, but it is allowed to do this under the supervision of a physician and after passing clinical tests. The maximum dosage is 10 milligrams, the average is 7.5 milligrams.

In the morning, apply the gel on clean, dry skin. Upon applying, it is necessary to avoid hitting the damaged sites. After the procedure, you need to thoroughly wash your hands and avoid contact of the body with other people, because the drug can be absorbed into the human epidermis and provoke undesirable reactions.

Side Effects

Like any potent agent, Testosterone gel can cause side effects. It:

  • itching, burning, redness of the skin;
  • a slight increase in the overall level of androgen, which should be considered when used concurrently with other hormonal drugs;
  • delayed withdrawal of fluid from the body;
  • active hair growth on the body;
  • changes in psycho-emotional health – irritability, aggressiveness.

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