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Effects of Taking

The drug is intended for the prevention of stone formation in the gallbladder and ducts, as the colloid bile increases significantly. In addition, the tool cope with the following tasks:

  • stimulates the synthesis of proteins and phospholipids;
  • accelerates metabolism at the cellular level;
  • stabilizes protein balance.


Take the drug should be 2 tablets 3 times a day with meals. Tablets should be thoroughly chewed and washed down with a small amount of water. The cycle averages 4-5 weeks. The second half of the cycle of therapy should be connected aids for effective recovery.

Side Effects

While taking this drug, adverse reactions occur extremely rarely. If there is a hypersensitivity to the individual components of the product, an allergic rash, itching and hyperemia of the skin may appear. On the part of the digestive system, dyspeptic disorders in the form of nausea and diarrhea can occur.

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