The Arnold Press – Deltoid Exercise

The Arnold press, also known as “The Arny Press” is an effective exercise designed to work out the deltoid muscles. The exercise is simple: you only need dumbbells to achieve the effect and of course, a serious attitude. This exercise bas become of the most popular around the world and its benefits and effects are exceptional.

Why such a name?

In the world of fitness and bodybuilding, it is difficult to secure something original and it is difficult to come up with something new, often exercises are similar or overlap with each other. But Arnold Schwarzenegger is the man who succeeded in creating his own exercise.

Once a famous bodybuilder, he noticed that his shoulder muscles develop asymmetrically. And Schwarzenegger solved the problem with the help of a bench press with a turn of dumbbells sitting from the chest. Yes, the exercise is similar to a regular dumbbell press, but there are differences. This option gives the fastest increase in visual volume and the load is distributed over all bundles of deltoid muscles.

Schwarzenegger showed the effectiveness of the exercise by a personal example and he was the first to record his execution on camera. As a result, Arny got an excellent athletic figure and the exercise was created with his name.

The Arnold press: Appointment

What muscles work during the Arnold press? Actively the front and middle bundles of the deltoid muscles are used, while less actively, the rear bundles and the triceps are also included. This is one of the best and most comfortable exercises for the growth and definition of the deltoid or “Shoulder Muscles”.

The Arnold press: How to perform

The main difference between the exercise and the classic dumbbell press, is the tension in the deltoid muscles is maintained throughout the entire execution. This is due to the fact that the elbows are brought forward, being at the lowest point. During a normal bench press, the elbows in this position are lowered to the sides of the body, but with the Arny press, the elbows are kept in front of the body.

Step-by-step execution technique:

  • Raise the dumbbells to the level of your neck. Please note: The palms should start by facing the body and as you raise, they are turned away from the body. Make sure that the triceps are not pressed against the chest and maintain a gap throughout the exercise.
  • As you exhale, raise your arms and spread them apart. The palms should be turned outward, away from you until facing away from the body at the top point. Do not raise or lower your head. As you exhale, stop and make an additional effort, straining the deltoid muscles. Why it matters: The muscles must remain in constant tension, otherwise the result will be weaker as the blood will exit the muscles. At the top point of the amplitude, raise your straight arms up, bend your elbows slightly, turn your palms forward.
  • Lower the dumbbells while inhaling. At the level of the deltas, turn your palms towards the body. Remember the elbows: they should be brought forward, in front of the chest.


The main purpose of the Arnold bench press is to create a beautiful definition of the shoulder muscles. Therefore, remember to keep the tension in your shoulders until you finish the exercise. Do the exercise 12-15 times for several sets.

An additional plus of the Arnold bench press is that they are actively involved in the work of the forearm, which is quite difficult to develop in principle within general training.

The Arnold press: How to exercise for the best effect

The best results are achieved by athletes who perform the exercise while sitting, leaning on a chair or the back of a straight sitting bench. Why the Arnold press from a sitting position is more effective: the body is fixed and you do not have to expend energy on maintaining it in a stable state. This means that the athlete will only focus on working on the shoulder muscles and not all of the other stabilizing muscles that are used for balance and support.

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