Tips for First Steroid Cycle and Common Mistakes

Tips for First Steroid Cycle and Common Mistakes

In this article I’m going to speak about some of the tips I received from my uncle before my first cycle of steroids. I will also go over some mistakes that I made in the beginning and I’ll tell you about the common mistakes that I see friends and others make often. Please keep in mind, everything I speak on is from my personal experiences. Some of the things that you read in my articles may seem unorthodox or even a little crazy but its all real.

Beside the advice or tips that was given to me by him, I will go over some things that I have done over the years and some stuff that I do now. There may be some of you guys or girls out there as crazy as me and my girl. So, if you think your one of them, much of this information may help you out then.

Tips for Your First Steroid Cycle

Tips for Your First Steroid Cycle

Before I list them, I’m going to say this, and it really is the most important thing of all. I’m not going to put this down as a tip and number it because it deserves more respect than being on a list. If your thinking of starting a cycle of steroids and don’t have the discipline to work your ass off in the gym, then check yourself and get your shit on point. A friend of mine asked for gear a while ago, we were in our mid-twenties. I knew his diet and workout weren’t on point, actually not even close to my standards but my dumbass gave him them anyway. Lol, one month later he calls me and says, “how come I don’t look like you?” I couldn’t fucking believe it, I was pissed. He thought it worked like magic, some David Blane type shit. We’ll, I explained that I already had at the time about 7-8 years of working out over him and I already developed my muscles. I’m not going to get into everything else I told him because you should get the point with just that said. If you don’t, then don’t even start taking gear, it’s not for you.

  1. Use Sustanon 250 – it has all the different esters;
  2. Inject into your glutes or shoulder;
  3. Don’t inject in thigh – was much to painful the days after injection;
  4. Don’t let others get into your head – stick to what you want;
  5. Don’t read to many different things from different people;
  6. Listen to people who “been there and done that”;
  7. Use 21gauge, 1inch, 3cc syringe;
  8. Do not squat while on cocaine, for real, don’t.

If you are talking with someone on the subject and they start a sentence with “I heard that” or “somebody told me” then fuck that suggestion because you want to only listen to people that actually did it and been through whatever it is your talking about.

Common mistakes that are made

Common mistakes that are made
  1. Starting with hardcore gear (Halotestin, Trenbolone, Anadrol) there is no need to;
  2. Doing a Anavar cycle that’s less than 8 weeks long;
  3. Thinking that you are only going to do it “just this one cycle”;
  4. Going the cheap route (you get what you pay for)
  5. LOL!!! Calling 911 or going to hospital for an abscess, deal with it;
  6. Thinking that you are dying the first time you have Trenbolone cough, feels like it though;
  7. Thinking that steroids make you an asshole, “you already were one”;
  8. Not drinking because of how bad they say it is to on them, “fuck them”;
  9. If you are having someone else give you the shots, that’s fine but be sure to make them aware of the abscess in your ass before they hit you there. Oh my fucking god did that hurt!!!

Cycles for Beginners

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