Tips on Training When Cycling

Tips on Training When Cycling

In this article I’m going to go over some different training techniques I use depending on what I’m trying to do at that time. I will let you know whether my goal is weight gain, quality muscle gain, cutting or drying out the muscles.

To have an open mind on this subject is important. For a long time I was not open minded and didn’t want to change my approach in the gym. I guess you can say that, my approach was old school. Three or four sets, doing ten reps on the first and then adding weight from there, getting what I could for reps. I use to like maxing out for one rep also. This was the way I did it for a long time.

muscle building workout

I was never in federal prison before, so when I went, I didn’t know what to expect from Anavar. I was praying that they had weights there because the county doesn’t have shit. You can do pushups and pullups off the steps, that’s really it. I was sent to Lewisburg camp in Pennsylvania. The gym was fucking awesome, I couldn’t believe it. It was beast mode as soon as I arrived. Then, only 2 months in on a 36 month bid they put me in the SHU for a cell phone. After 120 days in there my body was shot. I was sent to Allenwood to do the rest of my time and this is where I hooked up with some guys that were fighters to workout with. I thought I knew how to build my body and get strong. Guess what? I didn’t know half of what these guys knew. I got stronger than I ever was in my life in there with half the weights and equipment.

Over the rest of this article, I will share with you what they shared with me. Now obviously I wasn’t on any gear in prison because it would have cost a small fortune but these training techniques I still do now when cycling.

Tips for Building Quality Muscle and Cutting

Building quality muscle and cutting (ripped up from the floor up) is what I do. I don’t do the bulking phases anymore. It’s a waste for me at my age and like I said before, I’m not a big guy.

I will list some tips first for building quality muscle with no puffy water retention.

  1. Have your diet on point;
  2. Do more higher intensity workout;
  3. Pick a weight that you can just do for 20 reps with someone having to help you on the last few;
  4. Do the 20 rep plan for every muscle (Squats are awesome doing this) at one point last year I was going 5 sets of 20 reps with 315lbs. You force the legs to grow;
  5. I like doing cardio for around 30 to 50 mins everyday (not on leg day though);
  6. Use gear such as, Winstrol, Trenbolone, Masteron, Equipoise, Clenbuterol, always some Testosterone and or all of them together.
  7. Another thing is you got to move in the gym, leave the fucking phone in your car unless using it for music and if your pumping DMX, 2Pac or any other old school hip hop and it rings, call them back after your out of the gym. Personally, if I owned a gym, which I want to do some day soon, I’m going to refund people’s money and kick them out. There’s nothing worse than some idiot tying shit up because he or she is on the phone.


Change up the way you workout. Try doing the 20 reps for 6 weeks. You will get so much stronger and have much more muscle endurance. I’m only telling you this because I did it. These two fighters I met trained me like I never trained before. Our workouts were intense with very litter break in between sets.
Herschel Walker said it best in his book. He wrote “it doesn’t matter how long the workout is, what matters is the intensity of the workout”.

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