How To Decide If You Should Use Steroids Or Not?

How To Decide If You Should Use Steroids Or Not?

There are a few things to consider before making the choice to use anabolic steroids. First, see if you hit your plateau with the body naturally yet. To do this you need at least a full year working out hard and if you hit that point, only then, you should choose in favor of taking steroids. Second thing to consider is your age. You don’t want to start taking them to early unless you absolutely have to. I’ll talk about what I mean when I said “unless you absolutely have to” later in this article. Lastly, to consider is going over your training program and diet plan. If these two very important things are not on point, then get them right before you even think of taking anabolic steroids. Steroids don’t work like magic, you need to train your ass off and be on a good diet plan.

Who Should Not Use Steroids?

Who Should Not Use Steroids?

As I said before, if you don’t know how to eat right and you don’t know your way around the weight room yet, then taking steroids isn’t for you. Anyone under the age of 16 should not use and those of you at that age should start with something light, such as, Anavar or Primobolan. These two drugs come in tablet form, so they are easy to use and have almost no side effects.

Women use anabolic steroids also, just as men do for the building of muscle, losing weight, getting a more defined overall body and to increase their strength. Women who have a history for miscarriage can ask their doctor about steroids. Steroids help with this problem as well as with preterm babies. In preterm babies it has been proven to help with the development of the lungs in the baby before birth.

Advantages and Disadvantages That Steroids Bring

Here is where it gets tricky. Now it’s time to balance out the good vs. bad of anabolic steroid usage. I’m going to list the disadvantages first from my personal experience.

  1. Acne (especially at younger age and if you have some already);
  2. Increased anger over things that usually wouldn’t bother you;
  3. Decrease in your body’s natural testosterone production;
  4. Chance of getting hooked (not wanting to train without them);
  5. I was shaving my head at 25 years old due to receding hair line, (being bald runs in my family but I know that my use speeded it up). I put this one in here for you guys that love your hair. I didn’t care when I had to start shaving mine, I look good bald, but I know there are guys that worry about this, so heads-up, lol.

I could have added a sixth to the disadvantages, saying that steroids are expensive, but I choose not to because having a gambling or cocaine habit will cost much more. Now let us take a look at the advantages of taking anabolic steroids. Once again, this is my personal experience.

  1. Increased muscle mass, definition, and hardness of muscle;
  2. Heightened sex drive (depends on what your cycling), some say Tren kills it for them, not me though. May get limp dick 10 mins in but then you get more foreplay, lol;
  3. Blowing through your plateaus (hitting new PR’s in the gym), fucking awesome;
  4. More confidence in every aspect of your life;
  5. Taking steroids keeps me away from drinking and other drugs most of the time (trade one vice for another);
  6. Overall better sense of well-being.
Advantages and Disadvantages That Steroids Bring

Well there it is for you, the good vs. bad. What do you think? Here’s what I think. Taking steroids and trying to improve my body and workout, makes me a better person. The reason for this is, I was very bad on many different hardcore street drugs and through training harder with the help of anabolic steroids, help very much keep me away from the bullshit I use to do all the time. Now don’t get me wrong I’m no angel, but hell, now I only do shit socially and believe me that’s a miracle for me right there. I honestly think I would be dead if I didn’t trade one vice for the other.

Let me explain what I said before about taking steroids. Remember when I said “unless you absolutely have to” I explain the meaning behind that statement now.

Let’s say your 16, 17, or 18 years old and your good as hell at the sport you play in high school. A division 1 school you may now get into or get the scholarship your hoping to get without the addition of some added muscle and some more speed. If you are seriously that talented and division 1 collages are looking at you, then consider taking them to get the boost you need. That is a situation where I think that you “absolutely have to consider taking them”. Steroids to consider using in this situation are: Anavar, Primobolan, Winstrol. They are good clean steroids that won’t bloat you with water weight or make you look like a gas head.

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